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Limo has been used for years not only by famous people and celebrities, but also public for special events like birthday, meeting, prom, wedding, halloween, and many more. As the time goes by, vibrant customers also need wider options, especially in type of the limo. Different party  limo rental companies own different vehicle types which can accommodate the client needs. There are limo that can accommodate from 4 up to 20 people. For larger party, usually people choose luxury party bus that can capacity up to 40 people.

If you guests are coming to New Jersey and they come in large number of people, bus or double decker bus can be the perfect choice. But if you still want to stick to the limo vehicle, Hummer can be the perfect choice.The tiresome process of transporting in public transportation can suppress your guests. What your guests need is a comfortable and more private journey so that they can focus on the objective without being moody compromised. In case you are welcoming your guests in business event, you will have a convenient place to discuss everything related to the business with your guests without any interruption. Limo or private bus is an exceptional choice for business transportation.

As mentioned, the big difference here is that limo bus is more private than conventional bus. All the passengers in the limo bus are treated as VIPs. Speaking about the destination, limo bus is more flexible in term of routes. It comes with professional chauffeur who are proficient with navigating skill so that he can make the best route to reach the destination on time. You can’t find this special in the conventional transportation.
Party bus is not for airport transportation only, it can also be used for other purposes. For instance, you want to hold a party and invite your colleagues to join the riot. The NJ limo is what you need. If you are planning to go some places that public transportations can’t afford, limo bus service can do it for you. Hummer limo, for instance, can bring you to many types of terrains. It is strong and can capacity up to 2 dozens people. You and your friends will have the perfect trip and treated as VIPs.


If you and your family are planning to spend some time in New Jersey, then you can hire the limo transportation. Limo service is available depending on the number of people. Big or small group? No Problem!