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Traveling with New Jersey Limo

Concords of Traveling with New Jersey Limo

Folks have been found with the memorable and special experience offered by New Jersey Limo for their special occasions.

Some who have used this service for many times are already used to travel with limo traveling protocol. But for those who don’t understand yet, or just start to use the service, often can’t follow the unwritten rules when getting a ride with the limo. Even some folks who have used limo many times still don’t get the idea. Actually, you don’t have to be a Ph.D. to sense the appropriate things to do and not to do on the limo ride.

To understand the concord of traveling New Jersey Limo is actually very easy. Going by these unwritten rules will give you an advantage as a classy customer. This will also keep the embarrassment at bay and improve the relationship with the New Jersey Limo company for better future.

First things first, limos clearly define the level of class and exclusiveness of the passengers. So proper behavior when getting on and off the limo is substantial. You must never come in a rude way or be jumping into the limo.

Men should behave gently when asking out their women. They will hold the door open and let the ladies first to get on. Women should show their gratitude and behave elegantly.

Limos’ passengers can be more than two. And it is possible for you to go with a group of people. Many of folks can’t really cope with the smoke. That’s why many limo companies provide non-smoking limos. Many limos have the non-smoking sign which literally forbids their passengers to smoke. You must obey this rule. Moreover, if you insist on smoking the limo provider might terminate the contract without refunding your money.

If you get in a limo which allows you to smoke, ensure to use ashtrays to keep the room nice and clean. Many limos like Cadillac has an openable roof. So you can ask your chauffeur to open it for you to let the smoke out.

Every customer needs to show class and good behavior, including treating limo like their valuable belonging. It is not a dump site in which you can throw trash as you wish. Most limos have compact containers to contain the garbage.

Privacy is what you get. You may want to discuss private things or to do private things which you want to disclose to your own party. Don’t forget to close the divider. This will provide you and the other party discretion. Chauffeur, despite his services, is not your servant. You need to respect your chauffeur with the proper attitude and courteous words. Don’t forget to tip him if you are satisfied with his service.


Follow these concords and you will have a fun experience without hinders.