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Hiring Limo – The Customary Codes You Need to Know As Client

Hiring limo in New Jersey is very easy nowadays. Indeed, there are many companies with their amazing limo packages are ready to book. Presuming that you have been knowing these services, it does not mean you understand the customary codes in the limo industry. As client, you need to understand some rules to follow. Read this full etiquette tips so that you will be able to use limo service without any problem.

We couldn’t agree more that safety is top priority in any kind of transportation service, including limo service. It is the primary concern should be considered by the people in attendance and the chauffeur. Safety, although some people think it as simple thing, is often overlooked.For instance, a good limo company won’t allow to transport more people than the restrictions. So it is very recommended to count how many people will ride on limo and book higher capacity limo for bigger party. More space is needed for comfortable and safer trip.

You pay and you get what you pay for. Meanwhile, it is also important to pay attention to your manners. You need to respect the limo and its chauffeur. Treat the ride with respect and good manners.  Most limo companies are transparent about their rules and there is no reason for you to disobey the rules. The limo companies assume that you are adult enough to understand the rules. So, respect the rules. You surely don’t want to end up terminating the service because of your fault. It is not only that you mess up the rules and get the service terminated, you also don’t get your money back.

As mentioned, basic laws apply in all limo companies. I should mention that these laws revolving around smoking, drugging, underage drinking. Although some limos have open roof, that does not mean that you are allowed to stand through the sunroof. To make yourself sure, read the rules thoroughly. It is also important to let your party members know about the rules too. If caught, you or your party member will be held accountable for the actions.

You probably have heard about this in public transportation. You are not suggested to leave your belongings in the vehicle. When not riding it, take your valuables with you. Rather than finding the culprit, most limo companies do not want to take responsibility if there is any lost in belongings.

Last but not least, gratuity tip is optional. But you need to know the etiquette. It is rude to give the cash directly. Instead, wrap it in an envelope.

Those are 5 customary codes you can do in New Jersey. But these also work on different states as well.