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Party Limo Bus Services Different Price – Why?

Are wondering why limo bus services prices are different from one to another? Or perhaps you are surprised with sudden price changes from the same service? One day you will be offered with $100 limo package and the next day the price goes up to $400. So, what makes such a big differences in prices?

First thing that I would like to jot down is that all limo services prices will depend on the type of events or occasions. For instance, if you use limo service for prom it will be charged higher as compared to an airport limo which is simpler and more casual. Limo for business purpose or casual purpose is usually charged lower than special events like wedding, birthday, prom, bachelor, etc. the reason is obvious. When you hire limo for wedding, for instance, you will be charged more for decorations as well as the setup intended to match the theme of the wedding event. Assuming that you are holding wedding event in big city, the high prices are not a surprise since limo is now highly demanded.

Other factor which causes the price gap is the fleet of the limo companies. Each model and year of production is assessed uniquely so that the companies differ the prices for each of them. If you hire the latest model it can be more pricey. But some older vehicles are also expensive depending on the brands. So, you can also consider this factor when looking for specific range of budget.

Each vehicle may has different capacity. The size of them can be another factor of the price differences. If you hire standard limo, you will be charged normally. The bigger the size, the more money you need to spend to get the service. If you keep in mind this factor, you will likely afford without paying more than what you have to.

Other factor which affects the price differences is the complimentary services offered by the limo agencies. You will pay more if you include DVD, Sound System, mini bar, drinks, wireless, disco lamp, etc to the limo. They will definitely make a huge different than the normal limo. These additions, however, are not something you can find in the business or more formal purposes. As mentioned before, some special events like wedding and birthday are those which tend to use these additional services. So back to you, you can decide what is included or excluded to make the best of limo service.